Microsoft on{x} Microsoft on{x} is a set of services built by the team I work for. On{x} allows you to configure arbitrary actions during specific circumstances. For instance, on{x} provides an API called modeOfTransport. This API gives the developer the current mode of transportation - whether you are walking, running or driving. You can subscribe to a change in this event and build cool scenarios like when someone is going from driving to walking (imagine parking a car), your phone can automatically remember your parking location. On{x} also knows about your work location, your home, and other key areas of interest. So you can also trigger events, when you leave work, or arrive home and so on. The point however is that these are completely arbitrary, my team built the core set of services that enable these scenarios, and now it’s up to developers like you to leverage them to make the lives of others better.

On{x} is currently available on the Android operating system (interoperability is key for us).